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Nov 24, 2009

Polycystic ovarian disease causing hair loss, irregular menses brought this 32-year-old lady to us.

On account of her hair loss, irregular menses and a host of other complaints, 32-year-old Sushma Rane (name changed) visited Dr Batra'sâ„¢ for...
Nov 25, 2009

Homeopathy helped this 40-year-old with bilateral kidney stones avoid surgery.

When 40-year-old Mr Swaminathan (name changed) came to Dr Batra'sâ„¢ for the homeopathic treatment of his kidney stones, he was not aware that...
Dec 2, 2009

A retired government officer is relieved from the stress of vitiligo after treatment at Dr Batra'sâ„¢.

57-year-old Mr Venkatesh (name changed) was very disappointed when he noticed white patches coming up on his axilla. The hypopigmented and depigmented...
Dec 15, 2009

5-year-old girl was diagnosed with dengue fever and got cured with homeopathic treatment.

Being an existing patient at Dr Batra'sâ„¢ and undergoing treatment for bronchial asthma with good response, 5-year-old Anita Roy (name changed) was...
Dec 24, 2009

Multiple warts on hands troubled this 22-year-old for a long time before homeopathy gave her respite.

22-year-old Riya Sen (name changed) was embarrassed due to the multiple warts that she had developed on her hands. These small, rough, cauliflower-like...


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