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URTI - Overview

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs) are the most common reasons for doctor visits. The most common symptoms of URTIs are common cold, bouts of sneezing, blocked nose or a red, irritating, running nose and a hurting throat, and, sometimes, fever.

This occurs due to a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, affecting the nose and throat. Children under age five tend to catch infections more easily than others. However, adults, too, have a tendency to catch a cold with changes in weather.

Stress due to long working hours, emotional turmoil and a history of allergies can make one prone to infections and catching colds easily.

Recurrent infections tend to make our defence system weaker with each bout of cold, even though one may recover easily with home remedies or antibiotics.

Recurrent cold causes further stress to our bodies, making us feel tired, exhausted and less productive, leading to frequent absenteeism at school and work.

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